Dental Upgrades: Preventing Mouth Jewelry Risks

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Did you know that one of the key risks to your health can arise due to the tools and accessories you may use, including mouth jewelry? Even if you choose to have a lip or tongue ring, it could potentially damage your smile if you are not careful. There are several oral health risks that are linked to lip and tongue rings, all of which you should be aware of before deciding to wear mouth jewelry. Some commonly questions and answers that we’ve received concerning lip and tongue rings are as follows:

What is the purpose of mouth jewelry?
Mouth jewelry is often intended as an aesthetic upgrade to your style, as it can help bring out a sense of self-worth in individuals.It can also be used as a measure of expressing yourself.

How can mouth jewelry damage your smile?
Mouth jewelry can damage your smile in several ways, including damaging your teeth, gums, lips, or other areas associated with your smile.

What are the benefits of avoiding mouth jewelry?
Avoiding mouth jewelry means that there is one less risk to your oral health that you have to worry about. Choosing to not wear mouth jewelry can help you avoid several forms of damage that can arise when you do wear mouth jewelry.

What are some additional risks associated with mouth jewelry?
Mouth jewelry has been known to make cleaning your mouth more difficult. Beyond that, it can lead to permanent nerve damage, burst blood vessels, lacerated gums, oral inflammation, chipped and cracked teeth, and even pose as a choking hazard. Severe infections, such as endocarditis and hepatitis, have also been caused by mouth jewelry in past cases.

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