Dentistry Dynamics: Tooth Hazard Risks

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Oftentimes, we spend loads of time focusing on oral health care in regard to microscopic damage that can occur. Although cavities and tooth decay are known risk factors to your health, it’s also important to be aware of any tooth hazards that can arise.

As an additional supplemental oral appliance to protect your teeth and gums, consider the use of a mouth guard. Mouth guards are designed to fit nicely atop your teeth and gums to prevent dental damage due to blunt trauma. To minimize the effects of dental damage that can occur, visit your dentist for a customizable mouth guard designed to fit your exact dental profile.

Be aware of tooth hazards that often arise from biting into products that are too difficult or hard to chew properly. By biting into ice or cough drops or any other hard products, you can easily chip and crack your teeth or leave you susceptible to further damage in the future. Even if you find yourself successfully chewing through these products when you were younger, your teeth may have worn down and are more brittle nowadays.

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