Fall Food and Your Smile

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Autumn is coming, and that means lots of really tasty food. With so much to enjoy, it’s easy to put your mouth health on the back burner. But the great thing is, you don’t have to sacrifice mouth health to eat delicious food! Here are a couple great ways to enjoy your bounty while keeping your teeth in tip-top shape.

Fruits: Eating whole fruit is a great way to get sweets in your diet without introducing a lot of damage to your teeth and gums. Fruits have fiber, which helps balance out the sugars they contain. They also have great vitamins to help keep your mouth running properly. Crispy fall fruits like apples and pears are also especially great for teeth, as they scrape food particles, plaque and other debris away from teeth.

Dairy: Dairy products are full of calcium and proteins that are important for mouth health. Try serving a plate of cheeses and fall fruits for dessert, or serving low-sugar granola in yogurt for breakfast. For extra flavor and nutrition, try goat dairy products, such as a creamy goat cheese on a whole-wheat sourdough. The goat cheese has more calcium and more protein per serving–and fewer calories! Bonus!

Water: Don’t forget to drink lots of water! This helps rinse the mouth free of food particles, and fluoridated water gives an added boost by delivering an extra dose of fluoride to your teeth. Try infusing plain water with non-citrus fruits, vegetables, and herbs for added flavor (try rosemary-pear, or watermelon-mint!).

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