Professional Treatment Is Needed to Address Dental Attrition

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Dental attrition is a chronic condition that can affect the tooth enamel layer of one or more teeth in your bite pattern. It is often attributed to changes in the alignment of your teeth or jaw structure. Dental attrition is sometimes related to tooth loss or changes brought about through the natural process of aging.

As the tooth enamel layer is gradually worn away by physical contact with the misaligned tooth, you might notice an abnormal change in texture, as well as increased tooth sensitivity. Without professional treatment from an experienced dentist like Dr. Peter Karsant, untreated dental attrition can contribute to tooth decay complications, severe tooth sensitivity, or a potential dental fracture.

After examining the tooth and taking some X-rays, our dentist can help you understand your possible treatment options to repair the tooth while also preventing further complications. This might involve installing a simple dental filling or performing a dental crown restoration.

After treating the affected tooth, Dr. Peter Karsant might also perform dental contouring to lessen the relationship of the two teeth. This might also call for some form of orthodontic realignment.  

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