The Difference Between Full and Partial Dentures

Do you know the important differences between full and partial dentures? Our team is happy to review both versions for optimal tooth replacement to help you better understand how they can restore your smile. Below we will review the main types of dentures, which are full and partial dentures, and the benefits they have to offer. Dentures replace missing teeth... read more »

The Best Smiles are Built with Tooth Replacements

Smile enhancement always consists of restoring damaged smiles whenever accidents have arisen. In the case of any missing teeth, it is imperative to replace them as soon as possible. Fortunately, modern dentistry supplies us with numerous amazing treatments and procedures to restore your smile should a missing tooth come to pass. If you're looking for a temporary replacement to replace... read more »

What are Dentures?

Dentures are just those clattery pearly whites things from TV, right? Actually, dentures are dental tools designed to take the place of chompers in those without chompers, and they do a lot more than clatter around. Read on to find out how false teeth support their wearers and how prevalent they really are. False teeth are oral appliances intended to... read more »

Preventing Gum Disease

Healthy gums are the foundation of a good smile. The need for preventing gum disease goes beyond making sure your teeth have a good home. Yes, gum disease can cause lost teeth, bad breath and damage to your jaw. However, problems with your gums can cause other health issue. Breathing in the bacteria present in gum disease could lead to... read more »

Oral Atrophy Can Cause Your Denture to Feel Loose

Your natural teeth had a direct connection and relationship with the underlying bone structure in your mouth. As you would bite, chew, and grind food the pressure and impact stimulated the underlying bone tissues to help keep them strong. As your teeth were lost or extracted the underlying bone can start to weaken and deplete. This is even more likely... read more »