The Steps Required to Restore a Tooth with a Dental Crown

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Are you feeling a little nervous about your upcoming tooth restoration appointment? If so, stay calm. Your appointment will be simple, easy, successful, and even painless. To help you feel more comfortable in the dental chair, Dr. Peter Karsant is happy to explain the treatment steps involved in placing a dental crown so you’ll know exactly what to expect during your appointment.

First, your dentist will examine the tooth and take a series of X-rays. This will help the dentist determine the health of your tooth, gums, and underlying bone. When you’re ready, he will numb the mouth so you will remain comfortable during your appointment.

Then, he will trim the tooth’s enamel to make room for the cap. When the tooth is the right shape, he will make an impression of the tooth and smile and will send that impression to a dental laboratory. This will be where your crown is custom-made. While you wait for your new crown, Dr. Peter Karsant will protect your tooth with a temporary cap.

Finally, when your dental crown is ready, you will come back to Karsant Dentistry to get it placed over your tooth. During this appointment, your dentist will check the restoration to make sure it fits properly. Then, he will cement it over your tooth.

For more information on how to place a dental crown, our dental team at Karsant Dentistry in San Francisco, California, will be thrilled to help you if you call 415-333-3919. When you call our office, we will talk with you and answer any questions you have as well as give you the details you need.